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Dear Members and Neighbors,


It is with a heavy heart that we are communicating the passing of one of our very dedicated, long term members, Roy Conforte.  

We will certainly all miss Roy!




Officers & Board of The San Remo Civic Association

Roy Conforte
It was 1964 when Roy joined the civic organization -  he was a young married man in his 20's. He and his wife Terri, have been active members of the The San Remo Civic Association for over 52 years, much longer than most.
Roy has held almost every position numerous times, and is a mentor to many. As a leader he donated his skills in different area: Engineering, Accounting and Environmental. He is a strong community advocate and works with the Town of Smithtown, DEC, Nissequogue River State Park Foundation and other agencies to maintain high standards and preserving our history with unwavering commitment. Integrity and perserverance are his calling cards. 


Photos from 2019 Picnic

Photos by Bernadette Piccione

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San Remo Civic Association - Officers and Board of Directors

BID OPPORTUNITY - The San Remo Civic Association is now accepting bids for the lawn cutting and edging of the riverfront park area.  It’s a seasonal job from April thru Sept., and the area covers from the swing and jungle jim to the goal post. 
For more information please send us an email and we will get back to you.

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The San Remo Civic Association helps to protect the rights of San Remo residents regarding our waterfront property and access to the Nissequogue River. Your residence in San Remo gives you waterfront privileges which substantially increase the value of your property.  Residents and landowners in San Remo own our waterfront through the San Remo Civic Association. The Civic Association is  responsible for paying taxes, insurance and on-going maintenance. Membership dues are crucial to our ability to provide best care to the waterfront park and the San Remo community. Funding also supports our Annual Scholarship Fund which to date has provided San Remo youth with over $50,000 in scholarships


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